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WWF NO MERCY jak nowy:)

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Znalazlem ostatnio "shakowane" no mercy, bylem pod wrazeniem jednak niemam zbyt czasu na to aby wiedziec "o co kaman" bo prace mam;/ o to link :


[ Dodano: 2006-05-22, 13:41 ]

1) Pare linków do postaci :twisted: :


2) Kody dzialaja na gamesharka fajna zabawa:) polecam tylko jeszcze niewiem do konca o co chodzi i sie gubie;/ pomocy:) :!: :!: :!:


[ Dodano: 2006-05-22, 13:44 ]

Zapomnialbym o tym :) jest tu duzo duzo:)


[ Dodano: 2006-05-23, 22:14 ]

Kurcze wie ktos jak przez ten program co juz sie go powyzej sciagnie laduje te obrazy do gry:) ? pomocy bo widzialem ze mozna tak pozmieniac i dodawac nowe rzeczy ze gra wyglada calkiem inaczej jak nowa :shock: :D

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Top użytkownicy w tym temacie

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I co koks umiesz to robic juz ??????? jak umiesz to wes mi pomorz bo ja nie wiem wogole jak to robic normalnie to chyba jest nie do skapowania teraz sciagam ten mod tna vs roh ale watpie ze to bede umial zrobic jak ty to umiesz to napisz tu na forum albo na my gg 4298963.
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  • Dołączył/a:  02.03.2004
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OK, so you've downloaded TNA vs ROH. It may have taken a while but it'll be worth it.

So how does this work? This isnt a 'new' game. Its simply modifications to an old N64 game - WWF No Mercy.

This is played on the PC through an 'emulator' - a program which makes your computer think it's a console, in this case the N64

To play it you'll need a couple of things.


1. - The emulator - Project 64.

This is a free and legal program, and can be downloaded at It is easy to install, and spyware free etc.


2. - The WWF No Mercy Rom (Game). I have not provided this in the download. If you don't have the original game on cart, then having the rom is piracy,

So if it is downloaded and you dont have the original, you technically should delete the rom within 24hrs.

There are different versions of the 'rom', representing the different versions of the game that came out (UK, USA etc) TNA vs ROH uses the '(U)' edition,

This can be found either at or, however bear in mind the legalities mentioned above.


3. - Video Plugins for the emulator. If you are new to N64 texture modding, this is the complicated bit, however, once you have installed Project 64,

simply download this - - zip file and extract it to your Project 64 root folder (eg: C:/Program Files/Project 64). This will install all the neccessary files.


4. - TNA vs ROH download - If you're reading this then chances are you've already got this. Extract this to the root Project 64 folder. It may ask you if you wish to overwrite some files, Say yes.

(If you have an existing No Mercy game, you may want to back up your fla and cht files)


OK, now we're getting somewhere. Open PJ64. Go to Options>Settings. Under the Video options drop down box, select 'Rice Video Plugin 6 beta 10'

Click the options tab. Uncheck the box for 'Hide advanced settings' check the box for 'remember selected cheats'. Click OK

Go to Options>Configure Graphics Plugin. Click the Texture filters tab. Check the box for 'Load hi-res textures if available' Click OK.


OK, nearly there. Back to PJ64, Click File>Choose rom directory. Find where you saved the No Mercy Rom and click Ok.

WWF No Mercy should have appeared in the white box.

Double click WWF No Mercy, the game will load. Enjoy.





Q - Textures arent showing up for me, whats going on?

A - There are a few things that can cause this, heres a couple -

Make sure that all the textures are in the folder Plugin/hires_texture/WWF No Mercy, they can be in subfolders, as long as they are all in there in some way

Make sure that you have checked the box under Texture filters for 'Load hires textures if available'


Q - Some textures are showing up, but all screwy

A - Again it can be a few things, the most common fix is to go to Options>Configure Graphics Plugin. Under General options, change the render engine to OpenGL.

Your Graphics card drivers may need updated. For other problems, try looking or asking at the 'Impact Zone' -

or at the No Mercy Zone - Both have guides on troubleshooting


Q - What are the controls?

A - Thats up to you, you can redifine the keys under Options>Configure Controller Plugin. You can also set the game to use a joystick or joypad.

If you dont know the general controls to the game, try checking


Q - I thought that x wrestler was in this? Where is he/she

A - Some characters (And weapons and arenas etc) need to be unlocked.

This is done by working through story mode, or buying them in the shop, or of course you can just cheat, and tick the 'Have all' box in the cheats menu.

You'll be missing out if you do that though! A comprehensive guide to Story mode etc can be found at


Q - Why isnt x wrestler in this?

A - The roster has been a subject of much debate. Some other folk were considered, but didnt make the cut. Thats just the way it is.

Bear in mind that new characters can be added in CAW mode, check at The Impact Zone or The No Mercy Zone, extra characters can be downloaded and added in easily.

Updates to some characters may also be released in time.


Q - During tag matches, the screen flickers a lot, can I stop this?

A - Sure, go to Options>Configure Graphics Plugin. On the 'Current game options' tab, change 'Frame update at' to 'At CI change'


Q - A lot of the moves are glitching badly, can this be stopped?

A - I would recommend going into the cheats menu, and unchecking the boxes for P2, P3 and P4 for all the moves in TNAvsROH\Hacked Moves.

They can cause problems, particularly when facing people who use the same moves. Only use these if you need to.

Another thing that can help is turning off Camera and/or Replay in the Pause Menu


Q - How come I cant get my CAW to do a Canadian Destroyer?

A - Only Petey can do it! Certain moves are 'character specific'.


Q - Backstage has went mental, whats happened?

A - Unfortunately, I dont know how to fix that, its a problem withg too many, or conflicting codes. Under the cheat menu, uncheck some codes that you arent currently using, that should sort it.

Or keep away from some backstage areas (Not always possible or practical I know)




I have spent a long time making this, if you have enjoyed it, or even if you haven't. I'd like to hear about it.

The official home of TNA vs ROH is the Impact Zone forum -

I can also be reached at

However I will not respond to people asking for the rom, requests or technical issues.





TNA vs ROH simply wouldn't have been possible without the following people, big thanks to all:


Arena hacking/ additional textures:



Move Hacking:





Mr Monday Night



Misc Hacking:






Very Special Thanks:


Syd Eick

Mary Kate Grosso

Carrie (For putting up with this)

Jeszcze niedoszlem do tego ale niektore rzeczy juz dodalem moze ktos to przelozy na jezyk ojczysty:) pozdrowionka

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Koks, link do TNAvsRoh nie działa, więc może dasz nowy?
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  • Dołączył/a:  25.09.2004
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Wielkie thx Poldi. Nareszcie ta gra nabierze odpowiednich kształtów :D
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  • Dołączył/a:  24.12.2005
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Ja nie wiem skąd ściągnąć tą grę. Koks podał tylko link do forum.
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  • Dołączył/a:  27.07.2006
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hmmm....... gram w Ne Mercy juz dobre 1,5 roku, ale nie w shackowane.. musze tego sprobowac :D
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Tak swoją drogą, to także wyszedł hack z CZW! Co więcej, w tym hacku mamy Cage of Death Match, walki z udziałem drutu kolczastego jak i shackowane finishery.
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  • Dołączył/a:  11.04.2007
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Pomocy, próbuje to zrobić to TNA vs ROH ale jak juz sa finisher to kolesie sa jakoś dziwnie ubrani wszyscy wygladaja jak kobiety to moj nr gg 5729687 niech ktos mi pomoze
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