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International Zone - Whats better? TNA or WWE?

ujko - 2010-05-18, 16:47

I think that TNA is better than WWE.In other way I watch both fed.


I know it :D I'm still learning

iwulBRAND - 2010-05-18, 17:01

I think that your English is not really good, brother :) TNA's Storylines are not as good as WWE's - especially "Lord of the rings" storyline :D On the other hand, TNA has better matches, especially X-Division.
LaParka - 2010-08-14, 10:13

Glad to see that Japan is getting some love, as is Lucha Libre.

And, yeah, TNA, WWE, meh. I like when they put on good matches. But when they have "episodes" that are just filler, I'm usually not amused, unless it was a REALLY funny segment.

headliner97 - 2011-01-04, 09:36

I think TNA it's better, why??
Becouse in WWE now is PG era so fights are 3 minutes long,only push for Cena and Rey, in TNA more stars have titleshots,push and also in WWE this stars who was in TNA few years ago are total Jobbers, no title shots,no push no fights!!!
TNA got better wrestlers,better storylines and like I say TNA is better company.

chris25 - 2011-04-21, 12:50

4 me tna and wwe are good, i watch both and i never get bored of it :P
TLK - 2011-09-04, 18:00

Well in my opinion you can't just choose WWE or TNA because both of those federations are so much different than each other. So i'm gonna say that both are great. WWE gives me more Entertainemt and lots of fun because of funny backstage segments. However TNA gives me more Hardcore and better storylines.

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